The Canadian Derby Horse Race
The Canadian Derby is the feature Thoroughbred Race each year at Northlands Park. It is run at a distance of a 1 3/8 Miles. The race is held each year at the end of August. The race is only open to horses that are 3 years of age, as is traditional for a Derby.

To see more about what to expect from a day at the Candian Derby, visit our page about a day at the Canadian Derby.

History: The race began in 1930 and was originally named the Manitoba Stakes. Later, in 1941 the race was re-named the now familiar "Canadian Derby". The race was run at Polo Park Racetrack in Winnipeg, Manitoba until 1956. It was then moved to Edmonton, Alberta where it still resides today.

List of winners of the Canadian Derby Since 1988
2017 Chief Know It all Rico Walcott 2:17.06
2016 Intaglio Shamaree Muir 2:19.16
2015 Academic Justein Stein 2:18.49
2014 Edison Rico Walcott 2:21.38
2013 Broadway Empire Rico Walcott 2:19.60
2012 Toccetive Jorge Carreno 2:22.80
2011 Freedoms Traveller Rafael Zenteno 2:21.80
2010 No Hesitation Rico Walcott 2:23.40
2009 Tommy Danzigger Pedro V. Alvarado 2:23.00
2008 Matt's Broken Vow Emile Ramsammy 2:19.40
2007 Footprint Real Simard 2.19.60
2006 Shillelagh Slew Dino Luciani 2:19.00
2005 Alabama Rain Pedro Alvarado 2:20.80
2004 Organ Grinder Jim McAleney 2:22.60
2003 Raylene Rickey Walcott 2:21.60
2002 Lady Shari Constant Montpellier 2:19.40
2001 Fancy As Richard Hamel 2:18.00
2000 Scotman Chris McGregor 2:19.20
1999 Native Brass Alex Ferris 2:19.00
1998 A Fleets Dancer Real Simard 2:19.40
1997 Smoky Cinder T. G. Adkins 2:20.20
1996 Jan Alta M. J. McMullen 2:18.00
1995 Sovacinto    
1994 Funboy    
1993 Cozzy Grey    
1992 Josh's Hero    
1991 Sounds Fabulous    
1990 Hurricane Benny    
1989 Haveigotadealforu    
1988 Elmtex